Decisions of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 29.05.2015


1. The annual financial statements of “Kedentransservice” JSC for 2014 were approved.

2. The terms of distribution of disposal income of “Kedentransservice” JSC for 2014 were approved.

3. A decision to pay dividends on the shares of “Kedentransservice” JSC for 2014 was made and the amount of dividend per ordinary share was defined.

4. The audit company for the audit of financial statements for 2015 was determined.

5. Amendments to the Charter of “Kedentransservice” JSC were approved.

6. A decision on the election of the Board of Directors of “Kedentransservice” JSC of the following people was made:

— Alpysbaev K.K.
— Baskakov P.V.
— Markov V.N.
— Rakhimbekov A.N.
— Kurmanov Zh.E. (eligible director)
— Druzhinin A.A (eligible director)

7. The term of office of the Board of Directors members of “Kedentransservice” JSC was defined.

8. The information of the absence of shareholders’ appeal on “Kedentransservice” JSC and its executives’ actions in 2014 was noted.

9. The information of the size and composition of the remuneration of the Board of Directors and President of the Company in 2014 was noted.